A house intended to be used in a city scene located in Paris during WW 2. Created with 4 texture sets and 5 lods.

Started off blocking out the width, depth,floor height and window size to create a standard for several houses and later on be able to tile the texture. The blockout was then used as a template for the highpoly model using images from Paris as references.

Lowpoly was modeled over the highpoly both from scratch and manually decimating some of the high poly details. The texture space is spited up to four pieces, front, side, roof and details, trying to reuse the same texture space as much as possible by mirroring or tiling.

Textures was made using Substance Painter, Materialize and Photoshop. Started making photographs tillable using Photoshop or the builtin function of Materialize. Then roughness and normal maps was created with Materialize and imported to Substance Painter where the material was fine tuned and applied accordingly.

Last I created 4 LODs using the same UV layout and created a lightmap UV.

Final renders was done in Marmoset Toolbag.