My name is David and I am a 3D artist with a passion for creating games and photography.

The first contact with creating computer games was 20 years ago on a demo disk containing Hammer, the level editor for Half Life. Even if the first creations were quite basic the feeling I get when I have the opportunity to visit a virtual world that I have created myself is indescribable and I still get the same feeling today 20 years later. As an artist, I take great personal responsibility in my work, regardless if I work by myself or together in a team. Photography is one of my biggest interest and has been my hobby for many years. From it, I have developed a natural feeling for composition.

I think it´s important to be creative outside the digital life and I have a big intrest in woodworking, electronics and building radio controlled Airplanes and Drones. And when the weather is on my side I go out and bring my creations to the sky.