About me

My name is David and I’m 29 years old, born and raised in a large and artistic family in Nacka. Early on I started to develop my artistic side, as me and my family have a big interest in art like painting, music, theatre and I started at an early age to explore the possibilities with photography and graphic design.

For a few years I moved from Stockholm and settled in Karlshamn to study 3D graphics at School of Future Entertainment. Mostly focusing on technical graphics and asset creation. After graduation I went back home where I cohabit with my girlfriend in Saltsjöbaden.

I am very creative, meticulous and technical minded and I like new challenges, something to bring myself into the future. I love to work and I stay focused until the work is done no matter what!

My big hobby is to design and build model airplanes, when time and weather is on my side I go out and bring them to the sky. I like to put my hands to work with my car and boat, as well as woodworking, electronics parallel with digital creation.

I have been working with graphic design since I was quite young, I have built up a natural eye for quickly discover new angles, compositions, no matter how ordinary the object may be I give it life.